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Let our Light Shine!
This week we are celebrating World Mental Health Day and World Outdoor Classroom Day! Look out for our tweets and photographs on the class pages!

Religious Education

In St. Clare's we use 'Come and See' to help our children grow in their Religious Education. Children will learn about the life of Jesus through real life and familiar topics such as myself, welcome,birthdays and celebrations.


Each topic is split into 3 sections-


Children learn through shared experiences and make connections between their life experiences and their friends.


At the heart of the programme is the mystery of God’s self-revelation of love through Jesus Christ. Come and See gives pupils the opportunity to explore the mystery of faith through Scripture and Tradition. 


Children remember and celebrate what they have learnt and apply their knowledge individually.


Children are taught in creative and engaging ways; role play, hot seating, drama, art, music, reflection; the children learn and live through experiencing living faith.


Our first topic is myself- We will be exploring the importance of our names. 

If you have any photos of your family that you would like to share,please send them to be added to our 'Family tree.'