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Let our Light Shine!
We had a wonderful celebration day to launch our new mission statement. Please have a look at the photographs on the RE page!

Religious Education

Our current R.E topic is MISSION


We are learning  about the mission of inspirational leaders. We will be learning about

how dioceses continue the work and mission of Jesus. We will also be remembering, celebrating and responding to the mission of inspirational leaders and dioceses which continue the work and mission of Jesus. 



What is your mission? 

What is a diocese and its mission? 

Why do people want to help others? 

What is the role of a Bishop? 




We like planning our own collective worship

During our 'Life Choices' topic we learned all about the sacrament of marriage. We discussed the readings and hymns that are commonly used in marriage ceremonies and also the traditions of rings, white garments and the vows. To further understand this sacrament we each had a role in a the marriage ceremony. 


Remembrance Day assembly

Remembrance Day assembly  1
Remembrance Day assembly  2
Remembrance Day assembly  3