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Let our Light Shine!
Christmas Party Day - Reception to Y6, Friday 15th December - Don't forget to wear your own clothes and bring £1!


Road Trip USA

As part of our family learning day we found out the location of 14 of the states of the US. 

Dressing Boudicca

We read Cassius's description of Boudicca and dressed our mannequins as we thought she would look like.


She was very tall.

She looked terrifying with a fierce glint in her eye. Her voice was harsh. A great mass of startling bright yellowish red hair hung down to her hips. Around her neck she had a huge torque of gold. She wore a dress of many colours with a thin cloak over it pinned together with a brooch.’


Cassius Dio (100 years after Boudicca’s reign)

The history of Britain on a toilet roll!

We worked together to identify the Roman Period in British history