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Let our Light Shine!
We are taking part in the May Mindfulness Challenge. Week 1 we are going to focus on everyday objects. Wednesday 4th May the children will be bringing in an object that is important to them. Let’s try each day in May to have 10-15 minutes each day to rest, recuperate and have time to ourselves!

Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team:


Mrs Peaston - Head Teacher

Mr Yates - Deputy Head Teacher / Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Pilkington - Assistant Head Teacher / Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs G Jones - Year 2 Class Teacher (Currently on maternity leave)

Mrs Farrell - Reception Class Teacher/EYFS Lead

Mrs O'Neill  - SENCO / Nursery Class Teacher


Class Teachers:


Mr Henning - Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Smith - Year 4 Class Teacher

Mrs Bayliss- Year 3 Class Teacher

Miss Fry - Year 2 Teacher

Ms Brown-Carline - Year 1 Class Teacher and Acting Key Stage 1 lead

Mrs Bowen - Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs Jones - Teacher


Support Staff:


Mr McKenna - Year 6 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Hughes - Year 5 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Chamberlain - Year 4 Classroom Assistant

Miss Evans - Year 3 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Prior - Year 2 Classroom Assistant

Miss King - Year 1 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Singh - Reception Classroom Assistant

Ms Brown - Nursery Classroom Assistant


Office Staff:


Mrs Sefton - School Bursar

Mrs Hands - Admin Assistant


Maintenance Staff:


Mr Walker - Caretaker

Miss King - Cleaner

Mrs Horrigan - Cleaner

Mrs Atkinson - Cleaner


Kitchen Staff:


Mrs Millen - School Cook

Miss Woods - Kitchen Staff

Mrs Thomas - Kitchen Staff

Mrs Morris - Kitchen Staff


Lunchtime Staff:


Mrs Horrigan - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Atkinson - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Walsh - Lunchtime Assistant