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Let our Light Shine!
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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team:


Mrs Peaston - Head Teacher

Mr Yates - Deputy Head Teacher / Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs Pilkington - Assistant Head Teacher / Year 6 Class Teacher

Mrs G Jones - Year 2 Class Teacher

Mrs Farrell - Reception Class Teacher

Mrs O'Neill  - SENCO / Nursery Class Teacher


Class Teachers:


Mrs C Jones - Year 5 Class Teacher

Miss Smith - Year 4 Class Teacher

Miss Fry - Year 3 Class Teacher

Ms Brown-Carline - Year 1 Class Teacher

Mrs Bowen - Nursery Class Teacher

Mrs Dickinson - Class Teacher/PPA Cover

Mrs Bayliss - Class Teacher (Maternity)


Support Staff:


Miss Carroll - Year 6 Classroom Assistant

Miss Benson - Year 5 Classroom Assistant

Mr McKenna - Year 4 Classroom Assistant

Miss Hughes - Year 3 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Prior - Year 2 Classroom Assistant

Miss King - Year 1 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Chamberlain - Year 1 Classroom Assistant

Mrs Singh - Reception Classroom Assistant

Miss Evans - Reception Classroom Assistant

Ms Brown - Nursery Classroom Assistant

Miss Regan-Jones - Nursery Classroom Assistant


Office Staff:


Mrs Sefton - School Bursar

Mrs Hands - Admin Assistant


Maintenance Staff:


Mr Walker - Caretaker

Miss King - Cleaner

Mrs Horrigan - Cleaner

Mrs Atkinson - Cleaner


Kitchen Staff:


Mrs Millen - School Cook

Miss Woods - Kitchen Staff

Mrs Thomas - Kitchen Staff

Mrs Morris - Kitchen Staff


Lunchtime Staff:


Mrs Horrigan - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Atkinson - Lunchtime Assistant

Mrs Walsh - Lunchtime Assistant