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  • Nursery:  
  • Reception:   99.5%
  • Year 1:   92.6%
  • Year 2:   99%
  • Year 3:   99.3%
  • Year 4:   96%
  • Year 5:   99.4%
  • Year 6:   97.7%
St Clare's Catholic Primary School

St Clare's Catholic Primary School

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At St Clare’s we place a high importance on our children attending, on time every day.  For your child to have access to all the wonderful activities and events that we plan in school, they need to be in school and on time to enjoy them.

  If children do not attend school regularly, they may not be able to keep up with school work.  In a busy school day it is difficult for teachers to find the extra time to help a child to catch up.  It's not only the academic work that suffers - missing out on the social side of school life can affect your child's ability to make and keep friends, a vital part of growing up.

Every week at St Clare’s we publish our attendance figures in our school newsletter and we announce them in our Celebration Assembly each week.  We have attendance themed weeks when we link our attendance figures to maths lessons and have a whole school focus on the importance of attendance.


The class with the best attendance (it must be over 97%) each week wins an extra playtime for the class, either outside or with wet play games!


Holidays in term time


Holidays in term time will not be authorised.  If you chose to take your child out of school during term time you can be fined by the local authority.




Number of days lost

Number of sessions

Number of weeks

Lessons Lost

(5 activities a day)

Playtimes and social time lost


10 Days

20 Sessions

2 Weeks

50 lessons

12.5 hours


19 days

38 sessions

3 weeks 4 days

95 lessons

23.75 hours


29 days

58 sessions

5 weeks 4 days

145 lessons

36.25 hours


38 days

76 sessions

7 weeks 3 days

190 lessons

47.5 hours


48 days

96 sessions

9 weeks 3 days

240 lessons

60 hours


57 days

114 sessions

11 weeks 2 days

285 lessons

71.25 hours


67 days

134 sessions

13 weeks 2 days

335 lessons

83.75 hours