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  • Nursery:  
  • Reception:   99.5%
  • Year 1:   92.6%
  • Year 2:   99%
  • Year 3:   99.3%
  • Year 4:   96%
  • Year 5:   99.4%
  • Year 6:   97.7%
St Clare's Catholic Primary School

St Clare's Catholic Primary School

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Autumn 2


This term children will be studying 'The Great Kapok Tree' by Lynne Cherry. It is a beautifully illustarted book that tell the story of a man who enters the rainforest to cut down a tree. Exhausted by his work, he falls asleep and as he sleeps the animals of the rainforest come and plead with him not to cut down the tree. 

Children will use this as a vehicle to write a persuasive text and discussthe impact of deforestation on the planet

Children have been learning to control the ball in basketball. They have developed their skills and really had fun.


Children used their research skills to identify different cliates around the world and the animals and plants that could be found there.