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Let our Light Shine!
All children in Years 1-6 will return to school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Please see the Return to School Letter on the Coronavirus page or on the Letters page for detailed information. We look forward to seeing everyone!



We are travel writers


During this half term, the children will be learning how GPS can be used to track movements and how apps such as Google Maps allow the user to plan routes to and from any given location. The children will be mapping their own routes in the local area before creating a media presentation to create a virtual tour of a place. 

We are computational thinkers! 


This topic requires the children in Y6 to think like a computer! 


We have been playing 'guess my number' in Year 6. The children have then been trying to think of the most systematic way of guessing a number. Through the use of mathematics and a Bar Model, we have deduced that a binary search method is effective. 


The children then created a binary search game of 'guess my number' on Scratch. 

We are adventure programmers! 


During this unit, the children will use a program called Python to create an adventure game. Their digital adventure game will have different variables to allow the player to choose which route they take. The children will be planning their game as well as de-bugging it before publishing it.


Check back soon to see some fantastic adventure games!