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Let our Light Shine!
Children in Year 1 - Year 6 return to school on Tuesday 3rd September. Breakfast Club opens at 8am. Doors open at 8.45am. We look forward to seeing all your smiling faces!


St. Clare’s Catholic Primary School - Curriculum Vision Statement

At St Clare’s we aim to provide our pupils with a curriculum, which :

  • develops the best possible progress and the highest attainment in the core and foundation subjects, for all of our pupils.

  • is broad and balanced, and has a clear progression of skills and knowledge

  • is focused on deep learning, and challenges our pupils to apply their new skills,

    knowledge and understanding creatively and thoughtfully to different problems and


  • adds richness and enjoyment to our pupils’ learning, fostering their interest in the

    wider-world, its processes and history, its people and their societies; in the arts and

    culture; in computing and the digital world; and in sports and healthy lifestyles.

  • promotes skills that help our learners to improve their own learning and performance,

    so that they grow into life-long learners who have the skills to continue learning

    throughout their education and into adulthood.

  • promotes our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and, in

    particular, the differences between right and wrong, and promotes and understanding

    of citizens’ rights and responsibilities. We want everyone in our school to be

    responsible and caring citizens who make positive contributions to communities.

  • is filled with first hand learning experiences, including visits to other settings,

    making good use of experts and subject specialists.

  • ensures our pupils feel successful in their learning and develops their self-esteem

    has an understanding of the needs of future citizens, in a changing world

    makes learning more meaningful by putting it into context, relating it to our locality,

    to Britain and to the wider world.

St Clare's Curriculum Vision Statement

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.

Please click on the link below to see the curriculum overview for each year group in our school. The information will show you the topic they will be studying.

For more detailed information and to see first hand all that the children do please take a look at the individual class pages.

Once opened the documents can be zoomed in to see in more detail. Alternatively please feel free to ask for a paper copy at the school office.


Each half term the class teacher will also send out a 'Learning Journey' which outlines what the children will be studying and how you can help at home!