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Please note due to Parents Evening there are NO after school clubs on Monday 14th October and Tuesday 15th October.


Literacy counts

Literacy counts 1
This year we will be using Literacy Counts as a method for teaching English. Children will be exposed to a range of high quality texts that will be used as vehicles for studying a range of genres.
Henry's freedom box

This term we will be studying ‘Henry’s Freedom Box’ by Ellen Levine. It is the story of Henry Brown who was a slave in America, tired of his life; he decides to change it in the most unusual way.

We will use this text as a vehicle for writing diaries and biographies, looking at the purpose and features of each genre and applying these across the curriculum, writing a diary as Howard Carter and biographies of significant figures in history.

We worked in groups, using illustrations from the book, to identify the different themes.

Identifying the themes running through the story.