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Let our Light Shine!
There is a letter regarding Y6 returning to school on the Coronavirus page of our website. Please look at your child's class page for this weeks home learning activities. If you need to speak to a member of staff please telephone St Hugh's Hub on 0151 733 2899 and a message can be passed to them.


Liverpool Maths Party 2018


A fun day spent making 3D shapes using marshmallows and tooth picks, using cheese nibbles to sort shapes on a Venn diagram and using cheerio’s to make arrays and to make estimates on how high we could build cherrio towers. Such a fun day!



In year 2 we have been learning all about money. We have been working on making the same amount but using different coins. We have also been calculating amounts and working out any change needed.

NSPCC Number day

In year 2 we counted, weighed, measured and shaped. Making chocolate truffles is tricky but lots of fun!


Some of us have been using numicon to help us with our division.

Exploring maths

Having a free choice to explore maths was lots of fun!

Place Value


We have been working very hard and using different equipment to learn place value.

Greater than and less than