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There is a letter from the Local Authority regarding schools re-opening on the Coronavirus page of our website. Please look at your child's class page for this weeks home learning activities. If you need to speak to a member of staff please telephone St Hugh's Hub on 0151 733 2899 and a message can be passed to them.


In Year 3, we are currently looking at fractions. We are looking at fractions of numbers and also looking at equivalent fractions.


We are dividing by the 'DEMON denominator' and then multiplying by the numerator if needed!!!

Fraction Frenzy on NSPCC Day 2018

Fraction Frenzy on NSPCC Day 2018 1
Fraction Frenzy on NSPCC Day 2018 2

Maths Passports

Maths Passports 1
Maths Passports 2

Balancing Equations

Balancing Equations 1
Balancing Equations 2

Using Our Equipment.

Using Our Equipment. 1
Using Our Equipment. 2
Using Our Equipment. 3