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  • Nursery:  
  • Reception:   93.65%
  • Year 1:   93.65%
  • Year 2:   92.9%
  • Year 3:   94.65%
  • Year 4:   94.2%
  • Year 5:   96.3%
  • Year 6:   94.4%
St Clare's Catholic Primary School

St Clare's Catholic Primary School

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* Throughout this term we also be focusing on the children's well being and mental health by carrying out frequent mindfulness and circle time activities.  These will allow the children to reflect on their feelings as well as giving them an opportunity to talk through any concerns they may have.  


Topic 1 : Feeling Positive

We will create our own set of Class Rules as well as learning to understand how rules help us.

We will focus on choices and the difference between right and wrong;


We will also be sharing our memories (during our 'memory box' topic lessons) and looking at how we can care for babies and toddlers.


Our Worry Monsters



We made our own worry monsters.


We can feed them with our worries and they will gobble them up!