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St Clare's is only open for Key Worker and vulnerable pupils. Please see class pages for home learning. School can provide paper copies of any work if needed.


The role of the United Nations and the rights of every child. 


During this half term, the children will be learning about the role of the United Nations and about the rights of every child. They will be learning about how these rights are upheld across the world by participating countries. They will also be learning what to do if they are worried that their rights are not being met.





Mental Health. 


This term the children will be discussing what is meant by the term mental health. They will be encouraged to evaluate, privately, their own feelings regularly on a sliding scale of 1 - 10. The children will also be given some strategies to help them stay calm and relaxed whilst working hard in Year 6 and beyond. 

What makes a happy and healthy relationship?


The children will begin by learning about different types of relationships such as friendships, family relationships  and marriage. They will also be discussing how they can maintain a friendship and how to recognise when a relationship is unhealthy.

Aspirations week

Real men don't carry knives - visit from Andy