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St Clare's is only open for Key Worker and vulnerable pupils. Please see class pages for home learning. School can provide paper copies of any work if needed.

Reception - Mrs Farrell & Mrs Singh

Welcome to Reception 

Your teacher is Mrs Farrell and your Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Singh.

Welcome to everybody in Reception!smiley


We have a very busy term ahead with lots of exciting things to look forward to.


Our Newest Topic is called, "Why are carrots orange?"


The children will be exploring lots of different fruit and vegetables and using them in different ways. We will be learning about food groups, recipes and cooking, healthy eating, the benefits of exercise and the origins of different food. If your child has and interesting books related to this topic please feel free to bring them into school.




Our Topic is called, " Will you read me a story?"


The children will be exploring the land of make believe and using their imagination to create their own role scenarios and write their own imaginative stories. If your child has any favourite stories at home please feel free to bring them to share with their friends.






During numeracy time we will be continuing to focus on our number recognition 10-20 as well as ensuring our number formation is correct. We will be reinforcing our knowledge of number bonds and use the language of addition and subtraction. Numbers are part of everyday and we try our best to make it practical and fun, we had particular fun on 'Smartie' maths day.


Shape space and Measure

We have also by measuring items by weight, height and length.

*see below for some of our investigations.





Sounds taught so far: m,a,s,d,t, i, n, p, g, o, c, k, u, b, f,e,l,h,sh,r, j, v, w, z, th, qu, ch,ng,nk,ee,ay,igh,oo

Everybody in Reception has now started our Read write Inc programme. This introduces the children to the sounds within words and also teaches them a rhyme to help them write them. Our sounds of the week are x, ng,nk and ch We are starting to blend and segment simple words using the sounds and the children can now use their 'Fred fingers' to help them read and spell independently.

We are also learning 'super power words'- (words that cannot be phonically taught).video links to these words can be found at the bottom of the page. The children love learning them and joining in with the song.


Reading at home

Please continue to read with your child at home everyday and write a comment in their reading record. When starting a new book spend a few minutes looking at the book together and use the pictures to help make comments and predictions, this is also a great opportunity for your child to point out familiar sounds and words in order to give them confidence to start reading. 

Your child also has green and red  which they should be able to read, these words will be practised in school and added to as your child learns them.





In Reception we take part in Religious education and Collective worship every week. We learn how to live our lives in accordance with the Catholic church through child friendly topics and carefully selected scripture. Our focused topics in Reception are:

Myself, Welcome,Birthdays,Celebrations,Gathering,Growing,Good News, Friends and Our World.

We also learn about other faiths including Islam, Sikhism, Judaism and Hinduism.


our current topic is Good news. During the explore aspect of the topic the children were able to describe and talk about times when they have received or shared good news, Some of their ideas included, being invited to a birthday party, going to a family wedding and the exciting news about our school trip. This topic will then move onto the 'Good News' of Jesus' resurrection and how the disciples felt and this time.




PE is now on a Monday Afternoon with the additional support of TQ sports.

This term we will playing lots of team and strategy games. This will help with physical development and Personal, social and emotional well being as the children are taught how to work as part of a time and that trying your best is more important than always winning.

Please ensure your child has a full PE kit each week, with each piece of clothing clearly labelled. Also continue to encourage your child to get dressed and undressed themselves as this is an important part of their health and self-care development. no


Well done to everybody that took part in our EYFS Sports day! Thanks to all the family members who came to watch. :)







Reception have been extremely busy this term! We have been enjoying a range of imaginative stories including the Naughty bus and Stanley’s stick.

We have been using our imaginations to create props and models which we have then used to enhance our role-play. We’ve even been making our own porridge to help us retell the story of Goldilocks and the three bears.

This term has also been fantastic for outdoor learning. We have loved our weekly visits from ‘Jimmy the Gardener’ and are very excited to be growing our own sunflowers and potatoes. We can not wait to have home grown potatoes for snack!

Reception have been enjoying the lovely spring weather.

Measuring Investigations

Reception and Nursery Forest school day

Smartie Maths: Lots of adding, ordering and patterns

We used lots of different materials and techniques to make our hedgehog houses.

Learning is fun in Reception- We access all areas of the EYFS curriculum through our play

The Early Year's Profile Assessment Explained :)

Pre- cursive alphabet

Super Power Words: video 1: the (tricky words)

Learn Tricky words in a fun way. Today's word: the

Super Power Words Video 2: I (tricky words)

Learn tricky words in a fun way! Today's word: I

Super Power Words: video 3: my (tricky words)

Learn tricky words in a fun way! Today's word: my

Super Power Words: video 4: to (Tricky words)

The fourth video in the Super Power Word series. Today we review the, I, my and we learn the word to.

Reception Reading Meeting 2016

Thank you to all who attended the reading meeting, I hope it was useful!

For anyone who couldn't make it feel free to ask me any questions which you may have about how we teach reading in Reception.

Each child will now have their very own reading folder which they must bring to school everyday. Please encourage your child to check their folder daily, as they may have a new book, new sound or 'super power' word to practise.


Below you will also find links to the meeting presentation and leaflet, if there is anything you want to revisit. 

Happy Reading Everyone!