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All children in Years 1-6 will return to school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Please see the Return to School Letter on the Coronavirus page or on the Letters page for detailed information. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Religious Education

R.E – Sources


During this topic, the children will be building on their knowledge of the Bible and the written word of God. They will begin the unit by reflecting on their own favourite books before learning more about how the Bible is made up of a special set of books containing a range of different writing genres. All of these texts help Christian people to learn about God and Jesus.

Our current R.E topic is Expectations. 


We have been studying the difference between wants and expectations. 

We have also studied the expectations people placed upon Jesus and Mary. 



 Our first R.E topic is 'Loving' 

During this topic, we will be learning all about unconditional love. We will be applying this term to God's love. We will be learning about the Parable of the Prodigal Son and making links between the story and the how Christian people believe in God’s forgiveness.


Retelling the story of The Prodigal Son using drama