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Let our Light Shine!
All children in Years 1-6 will return to school on Wednesday 2nd September 2020. Please see the Return to School Letter on the Coronavirus page or on the Letters page for detailed information. We look forward to seeing everyone!

Religious Education


Baptism and Confirmation

In Year 4 we are learning about how different experiences of being welcomed into new situations and groups mark our lives!

We are exploring where we belong and who we belong to, as well as thinking about how 'belonging' makes a difference to our lives.




We will be learning about the family of God in scripture. We will learn that Jesus had a natural family with real people with names and a history.



We will ask questions of ourselves: where do I come from? To whom do I belong and to which family did Jesus belong?

We will know and understand the family of God in scripture.

We have responded to the topic by writting our learning on post-it notes and adding it to our own family tree!


First Holy Communion

In Year 4, children make their First Holy Communion and Reconciliation. If you wish your child to receive these Sacraments, please contact Fr. Aiden at St Clare’s Parish Church.