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Religious Education

As a Catholic School, Religious Education is at the heart of all that we learn and all that we do in St. Clare's. We follow the scheme of work provided by Liverpool Archdiocese which allows our children to EXPLORE, REVEAL and RESPOND to different religious themes and topics.





This term we will be focusing on the following three themes: Families (domestic church), Belonging (Baptism) & Waiting (Advent\Christmas -Loving).  We will also be focusing on Judaism for our Other Faith unit. 

Our current topic is Waiting (topic 3)


Prior learning: Advent: looking forward to Christmas, the birthday of Jesus

This Topic: learning outcomes

Know and understand:

•  About the times that it is necessary to wait and the use of that time – Explore

•  That Advent is a time of waiting to celebrate Jesus’ coming at Christmas – Reveal

Acquire the skills of assimilation, celebration and application of the above – Respond

Topic 2 Belonging

Topic 2 Belonging 1

Other Faiths topic - Judaism

Other Faiths topic - Judaism 1
Other Faiths topic - Judaism 2
Topic 1 Families during this topic we looked at what it means to be part of a family. We began by exploring our own families and then the family of God. Throughout the topic we learn to know and understand about the love and care shown in the family and know and understand about God’s love and care for every family.