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Let our Light Shine!
St Clare's is only open for Key Worker and vulnerable pupils. Please see class pages for home learning. School can provide paper copies of any work if needed.


Exploring Fossils

During Autumn 1 we have learnt about rocks. We are able to sort rocks by their uses, identify different types of rocks and have carried out investigations to test the durability of rocks. We have also studied different types of soil and have carried out investigations to find out which soils are soakers (absorb water) and which soils are drainers. We have looked at fossils and how fossils are formed. We had lots of fun exploring fossils.
During Autumn 2 we are looking at animals and skeletons. We have studied what an animal needs to survive and have looked at food groups and nutrition. We are learning about skeletons and how certain bones protect our organs and how some bones/joints help us to move. We are also learning to sort animals into invertebrates and vertebrates.