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  • Nursery:  
  • Reception:   99.5%
  • Year 1:   92.6%
  • Year 2:   99%
  • Year 3:   99.3%
  • Year 4:   96%
  • Year 5:   99.4%
  • Year 6:   97.7%
St Clare's Catholic Primary School

St Clare's Catholic Primary School

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During our Tremors topic the children learnt lots about volcanos and the ring of fire. We have used mapping skills to plot escape routes from volcanos. The children also studied the history of Pompeii. We also learnt about tsunamis and we produced some excellent safety posters of what to do should a tsunami occur. In Art the children made a model of a human by first sketching and then modelling using clay to form a model. Well done Year 3!


During our Urban Pioneers topic we are looking at examples of urban art in our city and other cities throughout the world. The children have looked at artwork from Paul Curtis and have appraised his work. The children have also sketched their own representation of the liver birds using sketching pencils. They have looked at famous monuments and statues and discussed their relevance to our city and why other cities may have different monuments. The children have chosen their favourite statue/monument of Liverpool and have sketched it using shading skills. In history we have learnt about famous Liverpool buildings and their significance to the city and how their uses have changed over time. We have looked at famous architects and their designs. We are continuing to enjoy our study of Urban Art.