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Let our Light Shine!
There is a letter regarding Y6 returning to school on the Coronavirus page of our website. Please look at your child's class page for this weeks home learning activities. If you need to speak to a member of staff please telephone St Hugh's Hub on 0151 733 2899 and a message can be passed to them.


Our current topic is: 




We will be learning about food produce and planting our own fruit and vegetables! 


We made aphid eating insects from a range of recycled materials!

Alchemy Island!

Take a look at some of our amazing homework projects!

We manipulated clay using a range of tools to create canopic jars.

We made Egyptian death masks



Our new topic is all about the Ancient Egyptians and how they mummify their dead. We will be learning all about the tombs the Egyptian people built and why they filled them with gold and jewels. 


We will also be learning how to turn someone into a mummy! 


Check out the link below to learn some tips on how to mummify an Egyptian pharaoh.

I wonder what Mrs Jones is doing to the pharaoh, do you know?

The day the giants came to Liverpool!

Our current topic is 'Off with her head!' 


Elizabeth I needs our help to find out why her mother, Anne Boleyn, was executed. We will be learning all about King Henry VIII and his 6 wives. We will also be learning about the Tower of London and the punishments that were given to Tudor people who did not obey King Henry's rules! 

Anne Boleyn