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St Clare's is only open for Key Worker and vulnerable pupils. Please see class pages for home learning. School can provide paper copies of any work if needed.

Year 1 - Ms. Brown-Carline & Miss King

Welcome to Year 1



Welcome to Year One!


Your teacher is Ms.Brown-Carline and your Learning Support Assistant is Miss King.

Mrs Chamberlin also works in our class on a Monday and Tuesday.




Summer Term in here...... We will be doing lots of enriching and exciting topics through our Cornerstones Curriculum.



    Come and See



 In Year 1 our topic is called "Being Sorry" through which we will learn about Reconciliation.


Some key questions to think and reflect upon are:

Q What good choices have you made?

Q How did you feel?

Q What happens when you make a wrong choice?

Q How do you feel, then? How can you try to make it right?


We will explore the stories of Levi and Zacchaeus and think of the message Jesus gave to them.


Our final topic will be Our CAFOD Universal Church theme " Neighbours." Through which we will learn about the wider world community and understand that we are all neighbours who are loved by God.






The week commencing 12th June all children in Year 1 will be completing their phonics screening check. Please continue to work on phonic sounds at home including pseudo ( alien words).


The above link will direct you to past screening check materials in order to familiarise yourself with the format.

Elephants have Wrinkles.............


This half term we will be doing a special whole school Elephant Art and Design and Technology project.

Year One will be finding out useful information FACTS about them and we will also be reading the story of ELMER in our Literacy time.

Have you ever seen an elephant or do you have any elephant books or bit n bobs to share? 



In our English sessions we are focusing on our Power of Reading texts........



This is our new Power of Reading book..... What do you think our story could be about? Have you been to any cities? What did you do there? 


We will continue to focus on basic sentence structure by using our full stops and capital letters  We will also continue to develop our pre-cursive handwriting.


Through power of reading we will be exploring adjectives, plural words and different types of punctuation including question and exclamation marks.






Maths will be focusing on becoming "masters" of addition and subtraction. We will use lots of reasoning to understand and question what we know. We will explore the language of more than, less than, equal to, greater than, smaller than, most, fewer and equals. 


We need to continue counting BACKWARDS from 100 to gain confidence with our subtraction skills. 


Numicon, number lines, counters, 100 square and various resources will be used to support our learning. 

We will also explore 2D and 3D shapes- classifying them according to their properties. 


Shapes are all around us...... Where can you find them?




Cornerstone Curriculum

Our topic at the moment is called " SUPERHEROES."

KERPOW! Who is your favourite superhero? What powers or senses do Superheroes use?


If you have any superhero figures, books, comics or costumes please feel free to bring them into school for our "Topic Table" display.





Our final Cornerstones topic for this term is Rio de Vida! We will be learning about Brazil and the amazing carnivals and festivals that are celebrated, especially BRAZILICA!


Have you ever visited Brazil, been to a carnival or eaten Brazilian food? Do you know any Portuguese which is the language of Brazil? Do you know anything about the Rainforest?

If you have any bits n bobs related to our topic please share them with us in class by bringing them in for our topic table!





Phonics takes place daily in Year 1 at the start of our school day. It is crucial that every child is in school on time and ready to start their learning day with lots of Phonics Fun.


Each day we review, teach, practise and apply our phonic knowledge in many ways including speaking and listening games, reading and writing. We use our "Phoneme  Fingers" as we develop our understanding of Segmenting and Blending Sounds.



Every Friday homework is set in Year 1 and sent home in book bags.  It is to be completed and brought back to school the following week. Children in Year 1 need to take responsibility for giving their homework to their Class Teacher or LSA.


Throughout the year Homework will consist of varied activities to develop the learning needs of Year 1:

- Spellings

- Sentence and Word building

- Number work and Calculations

- Curriculum based Reserach




Children in Year 1 need to bring their P.E Kit in EVERY DAY. A handy hint is to bring a P.E bag in and leave it on their peg in the cloakroom. Children MUST have a full P.E kit to be able to full participate in P.E lessons.  

In a P.E bag children must have:

- black pumps or trainers

-white T-Shirt

-Black Shorts or Leggings

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