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Year 3 – Miss Fry & Miss Hughes

Welcome to Year 3 with Miss Fry and Miss Evans


Welcome to the Year 3 Class Page!

I am Miss Fry, the Year 3 class teacher. The children are also supported in their learning by Miss Hughes. The children in Year 3 are fantastic learners. Explore our Class page to see some of the fantastic, exciting things we have done this year.  We hope our class page gives you an overview of our exciting and engaging Creative Curriculum; as well as all the fun activities and lessons we participate in throughout the school year.

Keep checking back to see what we have been up to in Year 3!


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Here is a list of our current topics:


RE - Giving

English - Gorilla
Maths - Statistics
Topic - Scrumdiddlyumptious
PE - Track and field






Palm Sunday Collective Worship Assembly


Thank you to everyone who attended our Palm Sunday collective worship assembly. We hope you enjoyed it!


IN RE our topic this term is visitors and how they are important. We will be looking at the demands and joys of visitors and explore how Advent is a time when we appreciate the love in our lives. It emphasises that God is not a passing visitor but one who continues to be among us.


Key questions to think about during Advent:


How do we prepare for visitors?

Who are visitors?

How do you think you would feel if an angel visited you in your home?

Why do you think God chose the Shepard to be first to visit Jesus?

Why did the Wise Men travel so far to visit Jesus?


Below are some of our fabulous acrostic poems, we hope you enjoy reading them.



In year 3 children will receive homework on a Friday. They will receive an English, Maths and Spelling activity, that will be due in by Tuesday.


In Year 3 we love to read! We would like you to try and read each night even if it is just for 5 minutes. But remember to sign your reading diary to get your dojo points.

Liverpool Maths Party

Our Maths Party was so much fun. We had a stop the clock challenge and Gabriel, Kinga, Kieron and Aidan were our top four champions. Then we decorated biscuits to show different fraction, it was really tasty. After that we cut 2d shapes out of toast, we really challenged ourselves with tricky shapes. Then we went into the forest area and collected sticks to make Roman numerals before identifying them. Finally we challenged ourselves to see if using water colours we could fill each square in a 100 square with a different colour. We had so much fun and enjoyed our activities!

Our trip to Chester Zoo

The Tin Forest


This is our new class reading area. We love spending time in here!

Our sign language assembly


We performed a fantastic sign language assembly with Deaf Active. We signed to songs and signed about ourselves. It was lots of fun to learn a new skill!


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Making our own jewellery


As part of our mighty metals topic we designed and created our own jewellery. I'm sure you would agree they are beautiful!

Smarties maths


We used smarties to solve money problems. Maths + Chocolate = FUN



This term PE will be on a Tuesday and swimming on a Wednesday. Don't forget your kits!

Mouse Bird Snake Wolf

Our new class book is Mouse Bird Snake Wolf by David Almond. We are enjoying reading this book and it has really set our imaginations running wild and this has shown through in our writing. We even created our own imaginary creatures out of natural resources just like the children in the story.

Reading in the wild


In year 3 we go wild for reading. So much so we have a reading jungle in our classroom. Here we can relax reading on the grass while the animals watch over us or get comfortable in the lions lair with furry blankets for a quiet place to read. We read a lot of different things in the jungle from books to comics to articles it's lots of fun!



We have been working very hard on our cursive handwriting in year 3. I'm sure you would agree our hard work is definitely paying off.

Aspirations Week


During this week we were very lucky to have talks from people who all had very different careers. We were inspired so much we dressed up in the professions that we aspire to have in the future.


Tribal Tales


During our first term we studied tribal tales and had so much fun! We found out lots about the Stone Age and Bronze Age and even made our own Stone age house in the forest area.

Cave painting wall display

We ventured out into the forest area and became archaeologists to see what artefacts we could find.

Year 3 Archaeologists

Our Stone Age house


In class we designed our Stone Age house and decided on how it was going to look. We then ventured out into the forest area to collect our materials. We measured sticks and sorted them to use in the construction of the house. It was hard work but lots of fun!


Stone Age Buildings


This was great fun!

Our homework topic was to create a Stone Age building using different materials. We displayed them in our class and even around the school for other pupils and visitors to enjoy.




Science - Rocks


In one of our science lessons we used magnifying glasses to look at the different features of rocks. We then sorted them into venn diagrams. This was a fun lesson and we each had our favourite rock. Miss Fry liked slate as it was very smooth. We also found out that slate is used for the roof on our houses.




Our new class novel is Krindlekrax by Philip Ridley. We are really enjoying this book, it is very exciting! It is about a boy called Ruskin Splinter who proves his worth when Lizard Street is threatened by the Krindlekrax.


We have been reading this book as a class and with our reading partners.

Role play and freeze framing


We have enjoyed reading our class novel so much and decided to act out different scenes. We discussed in our groups the dialogue in our scenes and wrote this in our speech bubbles. This was so much fun as we also had to think of and express the emotions of our characters. I think you will agree we told the story very well and all deserve an oscar for our performance.

When our parents came to class


We had an incredible day when some of our parents came into our class for a morning of fun and learning. We showed them our Maths and English skills and even played games that we can try at home. We then done some sketching of Greek artefacts and showed off our shading skills with pastels. We enjoyed having them in our class and think that they had a fantastic time.



During our topic lessons we have been using our geographic skill and looking at maps of Europe. Our task was to identify Greece and find out any information from the map. In our pairs we all identified Greece and used the key to find out important facts.


Ask us these questions to test our knowledge I'm sure you will be amazed:


What is the capital city of Greece?

What countries surround Greece?

What is the highest peak in Greece?

We had a sing along with Santa

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When I say Santa, you say Clause!

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