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Let our Light Shine!
St. Clare's is officially a 'GOOD' school in ALL AREAS! (OFSTED 2020) Please see our report in the key information section.

Year 4 - Miss Smith

Welcome to Year 4


We are very busy in Year 4, learning exciting things through our new topic work and have begun to play the Clarineo with Mrs Worthington.


If you have any suggestions for your class page, please let Miss Smith know.


Things to remember!


Tuesday - PE Kit

Thursday - Clarineo 

Thursday - PE kit for Military school



Our topics for the rest of the term


RE - Community

Maths - Fractions, time problems, converting measures and solving problems

English - Our class novel is The Great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry

Science - Electricity


Road Trip USA

We will be studying the states of the USA, looking at Physical and Human Geographical features. We will also research the history and lives of the Iriquois, a native american tribe.

What to expect in Year 4

Picture 1

Collective Worship 29th June

Collective Worship 29th June 1




Aspirations week

Diwali assembly

Are you looking after your teeth?

We used computer software to alter images of our mouths to see what would happen if we didn't look after our teeth. This is what we would look like without them, not a pretty sight is it!

Should we keep cutting down the rain forests?

Light bulb moments in Year 4

Helpful history sites
Super Science sites

Maths games